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Indian Night

Most parishes these days have a wide ethnic mix. St Clare's is no different. We have parishioners from Africa, Asia, North & South America as well as various parts of Europe. On Sunday evening our Indian parishioners treated us to a veritable feast of food and culture.

We were looking for a new way of raising funds towards our church porch extension, and the idea of an 'Indian Night' germinated. It was readily taken up by some of the Indian families in the parish who not only cooked and served an excellent variety of food but also with great generosity funded it. We had catered for seventy but in the event far more arrived and, miraculously all 'ate as much as they wanted.' And it was not just food that was on offer it was culture too. Each week the Indian Dance Group rehearses in the parish hall. On Sunday evening they performed for the assembly and received rapturous applause. We were treated too, to some individual dance interpretations. It was a truly enjoyable night and much needed funds were raised for our project.

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