HELLO & WELCOME - Rite of Election 2015

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Rite of Election

The Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Lancaster was the venue for the Rite of Election (RoE) which takes place each year at the beginning of Lent.

Beginning usually around September, those wishing to enter into the Catholic Church, undergo a course of instruction. At St Clare's this is led by the clergy and a team journeying with the enquirers. This year two people have been on the course and a third, who has completed most of the course elsewhere before recently moving north, has joined us.

The RoE conducted by the Bishop is the official welcome to the final stage of preparation. Those present fall into two grous: Candidates - those who are already Christians and who now wish to enter the Catholic Church; and the Catechumens - those who have never received baptism. At the Easter Vigil, Charlotte & Kelvin will receive Baptism at St Clare's whilst Carol will be formally received (but back in Essex!) We pray for all of them.


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