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Prakash and Jamie on BBC News

It was a great surprise for me and all my group to find out that a short clip of Prakash and me praying was shown on BBC national news.

We were at the World Youth Day Mass being celebrated by the Pope which was attended by 1.8 million people. Out of such a vast congregation, to be the two people shown on tv was brilliant! Family and friends in England also saw this clip and were really pleased to see us both! 

This pilgrimage to Krak√≥w was my first experience of World Youth Day. I have met many pilgrims from countries all over the world, including people from:  Italy , South Africa , France , USA , Mexico and Spain. I have really enjoyed this experience of being amongst so many Catholics listening to the Pope's words and praying together! I have had a fantastic time here and I look forward to Panama 2019, see you there!
Written by Jamie McDonald Romero.

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