WORLD YOUTH DAY BLOG - From Two Young Pilgrims

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St Clare's Helpers

I have really enjoyed my experience at World Youth Day so far and would like to thanks those who made it possible for me, both financially and with their time.

It has been amazing to meet so many other people from around the world who share my faith, and to deepen my faith in a fun and exciting way. I'm glad I made the decision to come to Poland for WYD. The highlight for me so far has been the occasions when we've been walking amongst thousands of other pilgrims, everybody was kind and helped one another. 

        -Michaela Saurin


Luke GrundyWYD Pilgrimage has been the best experience of my Catholic faith. This opportunity has made me come closer to God and has made me realise how important my faith is to me. I really enjoyed meeting lots of different people from around the world and spending time and practising our faith with everyone. When we first saw the Pope I could really feel God’s presence especially when Pope Francis spoke out to all the youth pilgrims. Overall, my first ever World Youth Day was by far the most touching, breath taking , Catholic experience of my life. I will always be thankful to the generosity and time given by many people who made this possible, not just for me but for millions.  

Definitely can't wait for Panama in 2019!

-          Luke Grundy

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