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At least for the Y 5 & 6 boys and girls in St Clare's School as they spent the whole of Friday night in their class rooms. No it was not a severe detention for bad behavious, on the contrary it was for a very good cause that the boys & girls gave up their Friday night and actually paid to stay at school.

Chain Reaction

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Chain ReactionWheels truly went into motion forming a great ‘chain reaction’ to raise funds for Hodovo on Saturday morning, as grandparents, parents, children and teachers from St. Clare’s turned up at Cottam Arena to participate in the ‘Big Ride’ event.

One day in Hodovo

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HodovoOn Friday 3rd May Stephen Connolly and Jonathan Day (on behalf of the parish council) and Mark Purcell (the Headmaster of St Clare’s school), visited the settlement of Hodovo in Bosnia Herzegovina.


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Hodovo ChildrenFr Loughran together with some teachers and four children from our Primary School, once again visited the Settlement that we have been supporting for the last few years. As ever we were warmly welcomed by the children and staff in the little village school. They had coached a couple of children in English whose job it was to say words of welcome and then the whole school sang songs of greeting.


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Hodovo Fund RaiserThe venue was Il Cenacolo: the dining room at Corpus Christi College who kindly hosted this Sri Lankan Evening, a fund raiser in aid of our Bosnian Project to support tose who live and are associated with the Hodovo Settlement.