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Hodovo Presentation

Those familiar with the Parish/School Hodovo Project will know that for some years we have been supporting this little former refugee settlement in Bosnia Herzegovina. This summer 10 of our young people together with 6 adults travelled to the Settlement school to paint it and make it a brighter environment for learning.

On Thursday evening the group presented to the parish on their project and were well received by the parishioners who came to hear the boys and girls give an account of their work in the school and also of the Youth Festival at Medjugorje in which they joined each evening - as that is where they were staying.

Thursday was also the day Fr Loughran returned from a visit to the Settlement (made during his pilgrimage to Medjugorje) and was able to say how well received our young people had been by the local people in Hodovo. Whilst there he made a visit to the Settlement, the school, the local cafe where the boys and girls had eaten lunch each day; he also handed over £1,000 for winter fuel requirements.

The picture gallery attached to this article shows the young people giving their presentation and views of Fr L's recent visit.


Image Gallery

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