Race Night

The Parish Youth Pilgrimage Fund was the beneficiary of the Race Nite held in the Parish Hall.

Soup de Jour 2015!


It has become a bit of a custom that each Friday lunchtime in Lent, following the noon Mass, a soup lunch is served in the Parish Hall.


Hodovo Presentation

Those familiar with the Parish/School Hodovo Project will know that for some years we have been supporting this little former refugee settlement in Bosnia Herzegovina. This summer 10 of our young people together with 6 adults travelled to the Settlement school to paint it and make it a brighter environment for learning.

Return from Hodovo


The whole project has been a fantastic experience on so many levels. In the first place there has been the tremendous generosity of the people of St Clare’s in supporting this project.

Hodovo Updates 1st - 3rd August

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The lastest updates from Hodovo in Bosnia where some of our young people are currently visiting, through a parish project.



Thursday the 31st of July 2014

Well the day has finally arrived as we begin the Hodovo Project 2014. This morning was an early start as we all gathered at St Clare’s at 4.15am, thankfully nobody was late and we were on our way to the airport shortly after 4.30.

Experiences of Hodovo

IMG 7022

When our boys and girls and their adult supervisors went to Hodovo, we had hoped to be able to produce a daily 'blog-like' diary. But some things just do not go to plan. They have been so busy out there day and night - day at the Settlement School, and night at the International Youth Festival, that they have had little time for the internet. However, on Monday a flurry of pieces arrived and they are published below.

4:40 x2!

An early start

I think that it came as a bit of a shock for some of our young people to find that there were two 4.30s in one day!


Parish Fun Day

With the end of term having overtaken some schools and with it looming in our own, it was time to begin to wind down and relax. So the parish organised a ‘family fun day’ were parishioners young and old could get together to do fun (silly) things.


Hodovo Bike Ride

Blessed once again by glorious blue skies and the heat of the morning sun, wheels truly went into motion to raise funds for Hodovo on Saturday morning as grandparents, parents, children and teachers from St. Clare’s Church and School turned up at Cottam Arena to participate in the ‘Big Ride’ event.



And where were we? In the Sports Hall at Corpus Christi School, a most apt venue for all the energy that was being expended at our Parish Ceilidh. The Dance was run as a fundraiser for our Hodovo Project in Bosnia Herzegovina.


Car Wash

Wet & Wild - no, not a weather forecast but rather the activity in the church car park this mornig and afternoon. A hand car wash was offered for a small free by a group of young people (and their parents) who are soon to travel to Bosnia to work on the Parish Hodovo Project.

Visit to Hodovo 2014


At the end of July, ten young people from our parish will be visitng Hodovo, a village in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Families from parts of the former Yugoslavia were ‘ethnically cleansed’ to this barren outcrop during the bloody conflict in that country in the 1990s. St Clare’s parish & school have been ‘reaching out’ to these people since 2008.


  • James Greenwood

    James Greenwood

    My name is James Greenwood and I am 13 years old, I am a member of the parish of St Clare’s. I believe that it is important that all people at St. Clare’s should support our parish community as much as they can.

    I do this by being an Altar Server in the parish and being part of the youth activities here at St. Clare’s. At the end of July I will be one of ten young people from our parish that will travel to Hodovo and support the local young people there.

    We will support then by painting the class rooms in the local school to improve their learning environment. We will also replace the chalk boards with whiteboards, this may not seem like much to you and me, but for these young people it will mean a lot. I know this from my own experience having been lucky enough to have been to Hodovo before.

    The people of the village of Hodovo in reality do not have very much; they do not have the things we take for granted. The people in this village live in what I can only describe as stone buildings, with hardly any windows. Their front doors are nothing more than a sheet in most cases, this is not too bad in the summer when it is hot, but in the winter as you can imagine these buildings are very cold.

    I am very grateful to the people of St. Clare’s who have given me the opportunity to represent them for this project in Hodovo. I am really looking forward to meeting the young people that I met last time I was there and also some of the young people who travelled here for the Preston Guild in 2012.

  • Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams

    I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the team of young people going to Hodovo this summer. I’ve always been interested in this project and the different ways that the school and parish have supported it, so I now feel excited that I will be able to experience it for myself. It also feels good to know that I will be able to do something physically to help. I am really looking forward to being part of this project as I feel that it will be a fantastic opportunity, and an experience which I will always remember.


  • Eddy Slater

    Eddy Slater

    It is a privilege to have been chosen by St Clare's to participate in the Hodovo project this summer. I am happy about going to the settlement school in Bosnia and helping out with this worthy cause. I would like to see how these people live and how we are helping to improve their lives. For my own benefit, I am looking forward to making new friends, setting a good example for the younger people of our parish and I'm hopeful it will inspire me to volunteer for similar projects in the future. 

  • Megan Mathias

    Megan Mathias

    I think that going to Hodovo is a great experience for us and for the children there. I am really looking forward to going on the trip because I have never been anywhere like Bosnia before and it will be a chance to see how people less fortunate than us live in other parts of the world.

  • Nisha Thanikachalam


    As Christians, we should be putting smiles on people’s faces and supporting those in the world who may not be as lucky as us. I feel privileged that I will be able to do exactly this in Hodovo this summer. What might seem to be a simple job of installing whiteboards and painting classrooms in a school is actually a huge action of our love for these people. I am delighted that I will be representing St Clare’s parish and school in Hodovo and I want to be able to share this experience with those back in Preston, to encourage everyone to support this life-changing project!

  • Oliver Henagan

    Oliver Henagan

    This is my second trip to Hodovo, to go for a second time is a wonderful opportunity to be able to help the people of this village and school. I have experienced first-hand how much this community needs help from other people. On this trip in August we will be painting the school to enhance their learning environment. This project will be of great benefit to the people of Hodovo and also will help me to give something back to others.


  • Prakash Thanikachalam


    Hodovo is just a normal place like Preston which sadly was affected by violence and wars. This is a very rewarding trip for me as I will be able to help those whose lives were destroyed by the violence. The innocent children at the settlement didn’t cause the violence but unfortunately they are the ones who face the consequences, and I am so glad that I have the chance to make a difference to their lives. Helping and talking to these people will be a fantastic experience and one which I know I will never forget.


  • Natalie Bonnick


    I am both honoured and excited to be given the opportunity to go to Hodovo, Bosnia, and play my part in improving the living and working conditions of an underprivileged community. As a Christian, one aspires to help others and as a young person myself, I presume that the experience will be extremely rewarding for all participants, as we will be able to see for ourselves the improvements that are made, for which we, on behalf of Saint Clare's Parish, can be proud of. I hope that my contribution will be valuable and as a team of young people, I believe that we can make a difference and help others less fortunate than ourselves.


  • Michael Law

    Michael Law

    I feel lucky to have been asked to participate in this year’s trip to Bosnia. I have heard a lot about this project over the years and know that the school really appreciates the help we give them. I am looking forward to spending time with the other people from our parish and also meeting our friends in Hodovo who I have heard such a lot about. It will be good for me to do something useful that will help others during the summer holidays. 


  • Nijo Puthuppalliparampil John

    Nijo Puthuppalliparampil John

    I want to go to Hodovo because; I like to help others and spent my time with those who doesn’t have what we have. Also, by helping out in this project I feel that’s it will get me more closer to God by helping those who are in need. This will also give me the opportunity to understand how other live when we live in leisure and entertainment. This will also help me to get to know more people and understand more about them.





Ceilidh Night

My name is Emma Gardiner, I am 18 years old and I study at Runshaw College. I am also a youth leader in the Parish and I also represent the youth on the Parish Council. On the 7th April at our last Parish Council meeting, Fr Chris was discussing the Hodovo Project that is taking place this summer and what fundraising we are going to do for it. It was at this moment that I thought I would like to organise a fundraising event myself, so this is where my idea of a Ceilidh came in.


Hodovo Settlement

Hodovo is a village in Bosnia & Herzegovina to which a former refugee settlement is connected. Families from other parts of the former Yugoslavia were ‘ethnically cleansed’ to this barren outcrop during the bloody conflict in that country in the 1990s. St Clare’s parish & school have been ‘reaching out’ to these people since 2008 building on the outreach of Kendal parish.