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Quiz Night

'When you did this to one of the least of these - you did it to me.' So said our Lord, Jesus referring to the fact that our good action are always directed to him, often in the guise of the poor.


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Presentation Mass

Approximately half way through the Holy Communion course, the parish celebrates a Presentation Mass where the boys and girls receive an image of the Last Supper on the back of which are prayers of thanksgiving for use after the reception of Holy Communion.


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Towards Confirmation

Always at this time of year we begin our Confirmation Programme for those who wish to receive the Sacrament when the Bishop arrives for Visitation / Confirmation in June.


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Rite of Election

Rite of Election does not really sound like a 'Churchy thing' - but it is! It is that Service, held each year at the beginning of Lent, when those who are going to be received in the Church at Easter are greeted by the bishop in the Cathedral.